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We’re halfway through the year already? As we finish up June, I’m joining the Share Four Somethings party Heather hosts each month. These highlights – loved, said, learned, read – are a small look at how I spent Chapter 6 of 2021.


Jay and I started our vacation training this past week, hitting Middle Prong and Chimney Tops trails. While I love the anticipation of vacation fun, training forces us to get out on the trail in our own backyard. Rather than letting life creep in, we dedicate our weekends to hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park – our first NP love. Add to that the fun of weekly dates, and the entire process is win-win.

GSMNP – Middle Prong Trail
GSMNP – Chimney Tops Trail


June has been a slow month for reading, but I feel that way most every month. This month, however, marks the first of the year in which I may not meet my reading goals. Each month I seek out a recommendation, one from a series I love, and one from my shelf at home.

At the beach with my family, I finished 2 of the 3 books. A friend suggested I take her copy of Big Little Lies with me, saying it was the perfect book for the beach. She didn’t want the book back, so she didn’t care if it got sandy or wet. I devoured the book. She was right, the gossipy feel and the page-turning suspense made it the perfect choice.

From my stacks, I brought a cozy mystery I don’t even remember purchasing. Hopefully, I picked it up at a used bookstore or for free somewhere. The book was less than memorable. I immediately picked up another book after finishing, when I at least need a few hours to let the characters and story settle in my head.

I’m working on Skinny Dip by Carl Hiaasen – my “from a series” book. He’s one of my favorite authors, so I’m not sure why this book is slow going for me. I’ve got another 5 days, so I’m not calling this a loss yet. If I can’t power through this weekend, I might pick up a Sweet Valley Twins book for a quick read before the month is over to keep my streak intact.


Early in the month, the Justus League headed to North Topsail, North Carolina for a week at the beach. This marked Otis’s first family vacation, and of course, the beloved Poo-huahua made the trip even more enjoyable. My niece recently learned how to play Phase 10, and the JL ladies played almost every night. My nephew kept Jay occupied playing in the ocean, freeing me up to finish the jaw-dropping BLL final chapters. I love that we have not only the opportunity to get away together but also that we enjoy one another to make it a priority.


Camp Fradd’s next dope adventure: Rocky Mountain National Park

While Glacier and Olympic National Parks will be Camp Fradd’s epic 2-week vacation in August, next month we will be traveling to Colorado for a bit of prep work. We found cheap airline tickets and will fly out for 4 days to hit a few trails at a higher elevation than we’re used to. The GSMNP’s highest point is Clingman’s Dome at 6,643 feet. In contrast, Mt. Cleveland’s 10,466 feet is the highest in Glacier.

We hope to push ourselves (but hopefully not too much) on the long weekend to the Rocky Mountain National Park to give us a better idea of what we may be capable of in Glacier. We hope to hike the entire week we’re spending in Montana, so back-to-back days on the trail, at elevation, will be a bit of an extra challenge.

I’d love for you to share some of your favorite June moments in the comments. Or, better yet, share your own post on Heather’s link-up.