About Me

I’m just a girl with scrapes and bruises both literal and metaphoric. Whether I awkwardly fall on the sidewalk during a run, or let my temper get out of hand, I’m grateful to be picked up each & every time by my Abba. My prayer is that my life shines with of glimmers of His grace.

My darling love is one smart dude that can do whatever he puts his mind to – sometimes that manifests in real estate sales, developing web sites, epic household projects, or romantic surprises sweet enough to make you wanna barf. Did I mention he’s so scruffy he’s cute? Nerfhearders aren’t all bad

As my birthday card proclaimed I’m the “best ante boo ever” Sorry for you other Boos out there, this crown is taken! My niece (Princess) is 14 years old, but looks 17. Sometimes when we bicker, I forget I’m supposed to be the mature one. My nephew (Little Man) is a 10 year old sweet little turd who loves Star Wars and superheroes (basically all my geek-tastic favorites).

I’m a runner, bookworm, hiker, chronic whiner, honest to a fault, with the spiritual gifts of loud, teaching and perfectionism.

With this blog, as with life, I just strive to be real. I may not be the best of all those things listed above, but I can’t imagine being anyone but me.