Believing the Tiny Little Lie

I’ve been fighting a lie for the past week or so, wrestling with my thoughts on how small changes affect outcomes in a big way. More specifically, I’ve bought into the lie that changes must be grand and dramatic in order to be effective.

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Training Through Weekend Warrior Injuries

Small changes add up to make a big difference. SciFi movies teach us changing even the smallest sliver of the past can radically affect our future, and yet, do we truly live as if we believe that to be true?

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Marking Time – Months to Years

How do you note the passage of time? Are the candles on your birthday cake enough to give you a sense of the present? Or is it your kiddo’s current grade in school? We do it a bit differently at Camp Fradd.

Jay and I have been celebrating monthiversaries since around the 3-month mark. Is that right? Or did we start before that? I remember clearly our half-yeariversary celebration. Each month he did something special for dinner and bought me a different kind of flower.

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Share Four Somethings {July}

Nearing the end of month, its once again time to consider some things from the past month. These snippets – loved , said, learned, read – are a small look at how I’ve spent this summer. My morning walks, which I started only a few weeks ago, are already noticeably darker the same time each morning. Like it or not, the days are getting shorter. All the more reason to cherish the small moments.

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