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These days I’ve grown a bit envious of people who turn hobbies into money-making ventures. Jay and I love watching travel videos on YouTube. How incredible it must be to get paid to go exotic places and video the experience?

I understand that perception is not always reality, and I’m ignorant of the actual work involved with travel vlogging. I can’t even bring myself to keep our adventure journal up to date, and these people have to create content, edit, and find time to publish it? (Unless they have a whole team, which is a topic for another day.)

Since we’re discussing dream-world scenarios, Jay and I would be travel vloggers by trade for 6 months out of the year. The other 6 months, we would come home, catch up with family and friends, and my second job would kick in – professional reader.

Can you tell I’ve also recently started listening to the podcast What Should I Read Next? Modern Mrs. Darcy book lists have never been my thing, so I didn’t bother with the podcast until now. I’m consuming so many books in both audio and paper forms I need new recommendations. A bookish friend whose suggestions always land perfectly is a huge fan of the podcast, so I started listing on her recommendations.

The perfect day: snuggling with my darling in nature, while reading a book.

 When I don’t have the brainwidth (a new word I’m creating to combine “brainpower” and “bandwidth”) to read, sometimes listening to people talking about reading satisfies that desire in my soul. 

In reality, I don’t see myself getting paid for travel or reading anytime soon. I’m far too moody when it comes to my book choices. I have stacks of books loan to me by friends that I haven’t picked up yet. I’ve had one friend’s copy of Little Fires Everywhere on my nightstand since well before the pandemic. 

Every so often, however, it’s fun to dream. Author a story, no matter how fictitious, about the day I quit my day job and pursue my passions full time.

Removing the restraints of reality – income, insurance, obligations – what’s your thing? The one (or two) activities you would love to get paid to do?