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I never grow tired of telling the story of how I first met my darling. 15-years ago, I “met” a guy on Myspace from Ohio. We messaged for a few months, then he moved to my town in September.

Here’s where the tale depends on the storyteller. Choose Your Own Adventure:

He had to date his way through all the blondes he had friended on the website,


This shy fella had to work up the nerve to ask me out.

Either way, by the time October rolled around, we agreed to meet in real life. I’m not sure I realized at the time we had scheduled our date for Friday the 13th. I certainly didn’t know that this guy whose profile displayed his name as “Jay” was actually named “Jason” (As in the main character/bad guy in the Friday the 13th horror franchise).

I do remember hoping real-life Jay would be as cute as his pictures. We arranged the details over private messages, but I wanted to hear his voice over the phone to make sure I didn’t get weirdo vibes. “Call me to work out the details?” I asked.

(Phone rings)
Brooke: Hello?
Jay: Johnny Carinos Friday? k bye.
(Phone disconnects)

Jay & Brooke, the dating years

I also remember my “good booty jeans” being in the dirty laundry and substituting my 2nd best pair. Worked up with nerves, I got halfway to the restaurant before I started to question if I had unplugged my hair straightener. So convinced I hadn’t, I turned around.

On my way back toward our designating meeting location, I got into leaf peeper traffic. I assured him (via text, I believe) that I was on my way, just running a bit late. Thus begins the epic story of my darling’s patience with me. The past 15 years have been a wild ride, and I look forward to seeing what the next 15 have in store for us!

This post was composed on October 13, 2021. While I didn’t have the opportunity to post on time, I did want to share the story and continue the celebration.