Intentional Practice – Five Minute Friday

I’m not a yogi by any stretch of the imagination (ha – see what I did there?), but when I think intention, I think about setting an intention for my yoga practice. In reality, my “practice” is a once a week class I may (or may not) attend at my gym.

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True to My Roots

You know those ladies in their 50s or maybe even 60s that decide they’ve had enough? Who choose to believe they good enough, just as they are. The ladies, who, after countless hours and spending untold dollars, decide to stop coloring their hair. They embrace the silver or white in their hair and decide to put an end to the dying. This is not their story.

(But it might have been inspired by them.)

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Turning Traditions into Memories

Revisiting an old post for the holiday season.
What are some of your favorite Christmas memories and traditions?

“…I still enjoy Christmas cookies, coffee, and listening to Mamaw reminisce about only ever getting fruit in her stocking each year.”

awkwardly graceful

When considering what makes the holidays special, I think mostly about those which define Christmas for me and my family. Some have slowly fallen away, while others I am purposeful about keeping alive each year.

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Chose Your Own Fail

In the span of one day, I both started and abandoned at audiobook on developing poise in one’s life. In a month devoted to writing on the topic of finishing, it might seem odd that I’m sharing about giving up. Actually, a vital part of seeing a project to the end is not getting derailed by side projects or ideas which don’t relate back to the original goal. Continue reading