“Champion” by Carrie Underwood and Ludacris popped up first on today’s Spotify workout playlist.

First off: huh? This duet is a thing?? I must live under a rock.

Also, so intense! No stopping me! I was made for this! I’m the best!!

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October – Things Loved, Said, Learned & Read

Nearing the end of month, its once again time to consider some things from the past month. These snippets – four somethings – are a small look at how I’ve spent this beginning of autumn. My morning walks, which I started in July, have long since been abandoned. Like it or not, the days are getting shorter. All the more reason to cherish the small moments.

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September – Four Somethings

I never got around to the August fun-times post, and while a part of me still hopes to, let’s be realistic. Perhaps I’ll find a casual way to throw in photos of me camping just outside the gates of a (decommissioned) prison after a stellar concert.

If not, I’ll learn to live, knowing I can still make memories even if the only people who know about them are me and Jay (and the random stranger friends I made along the way.)

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