Feeling the Love of Friends and Family This Thanksgiving

Earlier in the week I attempted to list out my blessings with the aid of a prompt list. Instead of generating thanks in my heart, I ended up just listing things I ought to be thankful for. Fast forward to this morning, and I struggled with my attitude from the moment I woke up. The whys are important, but not to the point of this story. The difficulties were helpful in pointing me to my blessings.

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Race with Me?

Much like my “training” for the half marathon tomorrow, this blog post hasn’t taken up a whole lot of my time as prep is concerned. I’m composing it on a friend’s couch in my Darth Vader joggers.


But I did want to give y’all the chance to join me as I travel 13.1 miles. These miles I’ll be slow going and I would love to have you along for the fun. Comment below to claim a mile. Could be your favorite number, or just a random choice.

I’ll also ask you let me know if you have a prayer request you want me to lift up. If not, just let me know if you are an encourager or a butt kicker. I’ll need both along the way!