Batch Cooking and Family Togetherness

Last fall, my sister and her husband both got jobs in this area. Visiting them went from a 2 hour drive, to just a drive across town. They searched for a few months until finally their realtor (and brother-in-law) found them the perfect house.

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Gratitude – When You Have to Dig Deep

Sometimes words are hard, and that’s okay. I very much struggled with feeling overwhelmed on Sunday, and didn’t accomplish much beyond going to visit Papaw in the hospital. I didn’t even manage to drag my rear to church.

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Papaw Update (Sorta Kinda Five Minute Friday)

Today’s Five Minute Friday prompt is the word “Secret.” What follows only loosely relates. I neither want to dwell on Papaw’s situation, nor over share, so perhaps 5 minutes of free writing is the perfect solution to prevent both.

Earlier this year, I wrote about his brain bleed diagnosis. His doctors advised us at the time that Papaw could face complications from both the bleed itself and the treatment options, but together they decided on the best path for him.

A few weeks ago, Papaw has some leg swelling, which turned out to be a DVT (blood clot) in his leg. Once again he was presented with a couple different options, and once again there were no ideal choices. Together with his doctor, Papaw chose the route which seemed best (if not great).

Yesterday morning, he awoke my grandmother and asked her to call an ambulance. The doctors had informed him that shortness of breath could be a symptom of the clot traveling, and a visit to the ER confirmed our fears.

He initially went to the neighborhood hospital, but after being diagnosed, he hitched another ambulance ride to the big city. Both his primary care doctor and his neurologist are in the big city, and the move would facilitate their visits.

I shared this prayer with friends yesterday, and I ask you to join me in praying for all of us now.

Dear Abba, please be with Papaw right now. Heal his body. Help his doctors to know exactly what to do to help him. Be with Mamaw, give her comfort and strength.

Be with Mama, my aunts, and us grandkids.

Help us to know, no matter what you love Papaw far more than we do. And you absolutely want what’s best for him.

We love you and thank you for this incredible family you have blessed us with.

What’s any of this have to do with today’s Five Minute Friday prompt? Yesterday, as I was back visiting Papaw in the ER, one of the patient care specialists came in to ask him a few questions. Following HIPPA rules, she asked him if she could ask him the questions with me in the room.

“Go ahead,” he assured her. “We don’t have secrets in this family.” No doubt he was referring to our collective over protective nature. At any give moment, we my drive a family member crazy asking them questions. Our love and concern, however, are never in question.

That’s it for today’s not-quite Five Minute Friday post. I went over the suggested 5 minutes, and barely touched on the topic. Hopefully I’ll be forgiven for playing fast and loose with the rules just this once.