Movie Review – Same Kind of Different As Me

As genres go, I typically prefer comedy, or, if a subject matter is serious, to be so far-fetched the events could never happen. Examples of my favorites include Jurassic Park, any Marvel superhero movie, or anything starring Will Ferrell. Continue reading


Chose Your Own Fail

In the span of one day, I both started and abandoned at audiobook on developing poise in one’s life. In a month devoted to writing on the topic of finishing, it might seem odd that I’m sharing about giving up. Actually, a vital part of seeing a project to the end is not getting derailed by side projects or ideas which don’t relate back to the original goal. Continue reading

31 Days: Starting to Finish

Every October, writers join together in a challenge “31 days of…” The idea is that every day, for 31 days, we will write on a specified topic. Each writer chooses something different, but stays true to that topic throughout the month. Today is the fourth day of the month as I write this (but not as I publish) and I haven’t even chosen a topic.

Continue reading