Someone Who Influenced Me – A Birthday Post for My Mom

Day 2 of the 10 Things to Tell You Instagram prompt coincided perfectly. The day’s prompt Someone who influenced me fell on my mother’s birthday. Combining them both together, I wrote the following.

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Marking Time – Months to Years

How do you note the passage of time? Are the candles on your birthday cake enough to give you a sense of the present? Or is it your kiddo’s current grade in school? We do it a bit differently at Camp Fradd.

Jay and I have been celebrating monthiversaries since around the 3-month mark. Is that right? Or did we start before that? I remember clearly our half-yeariversary celebration. Each month he did something special for dinner and bought me a different kind of flower.

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Share Four Somethings {July}

Nearing the end of month, its once again time to consider some things from the past month. These snippets – loved , said, learned, read – are a small look at how I’ve spent this summer. My morning walks, which I started only a few weeks ago, are already noticeably darker the same time each morning. Like it or not, the days are getting shorter. All the more reason to cherish the small moments.

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