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The training looks a bit different for me these days. In the past, I researched and implemented training plans for whatever upcoming race looked interesting for me. Hal Higdon tended to be my go-to for effective (and free!) plans. As I progressed through the plan, I marked off each exercise, each week, building my weekly mileage until race week.

I loved the Pigeon Forge Half Marathon last year. I didn’t train as I ought, and the pain and difficulty of some of the miles reminded me of my laziness. Still, I enjoyed the race and hoped to do it again this year.

Me, crossing the finish line of the Pigeon Forge Half marathon

Of course, we all know how 2020 has progressed. First for Jay and I personally. Then for the entire world.

The Knoxville Track Club sent out a race registration reminder today for this year’s half, to be held in December. Too many unknowns still dangling out there stand between me and the commitment to racing.

Fatigue forced me to cut back my workouts, limiting me to walking on the treadmill for at least the next few weeks.

Anxiety makes me doubt my ability to enjoy running in a crowd of people.

Uncertainty has me redefining what progress looks like.

So for now, I watch YouTubers hike trail miles via their videos while I log my own miles on the treadmill. I create Bullet Journal spreads to give me a broader sense of the journey, reminding me that every mile counts toward a bigger journey.

“The best view comes after the hardest climb.”

No, I did not steal this photo of a dino-themed mileage tracker from a 10 year old boy. What I lack in penmanship and artistic ability, I make up for in sparkly stickers.

I look forward to the day I standing shoulder to shoulder at the start line with fellow runners with no fear of COVID-19. Jay and I actively plan to hike in the Alps when Europe opens its borders to United States citizens.

Until then I remind myself each day that progress is possible, even if it doesn’t look like I thought that it would.

What goal are you making steps of progress towards, despite the Rona insanity that is 2020?

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