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This morning seemed to get the memo straight away – it’s Monday, and the day fully intends to behave accordingly.

The weather is rainy.
Technology isn’t cooperating.
My mood isn’t quite optimistic enough to overcome the grossness of the day.

I’m doing what I can though.

This morning I dug out an old prayer book to help with habits of morning and evening prayer.

I’m doing the daily goal tasks – drink water, write in my journal, suit up for exercise.

I’ve reached out to friends for conversation, hoping to change my perspective.

Yet still, I want to hibernate, to crawl back in bed and just be done with the day. This past year has found me reading more and binge-watching old favorite TV shows. Sometimes I long to return the days of weekly trivia with the neighbors. I miss going to the concerts of my favorite artists.

BJay – Thomas Rhett Concert, Knoxville, TN – Fall 2019

But more and more, I’m learning to find happiness at Camp Fradd. I may move from reading in bed to the couch for a change of scenery. Or go outside and sit on my lanai* for a bit of sunshine then transition to the side yard to the shade of a tree when my legs start to turn pink.

*Camp Fradd 4.0 does not have an actual lanai. Rather, I choose to call the patio pavers in our front yard something cooler besides our “parking pad.”

I’ve always teased Jay about being a hermit. Now I feel myself understanding a bit more the appeal of hibernation. If you catch me reading a book on my phone during my next concert (whenever that may be), can you promise to keep it a secret just between the two of us?

What part of hibernation appeals to you most?