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Laura Tremaine launched a podcast last week titled “10 Things to Tell you” based off a social media sharing event she hosted on Instagram last fall. She eased us into sharing with a subject near and dear to many of our hearts – BOOKS!


She did, however, warn us of difficult topics on the horizon. The goal of the podcast, after all, its to prompt more meaningful conversations – both online and in our real-life friend circles. In order to do that, sometimes we have to talk about some uncomfortable topics.

This week, she tackles the topic of loneliness and I encourage you to listen if you have 30 minutes to spare. She rightly understands that the question is not “have you ever been lonely,” but rather “WHEN have you been lonely. ”

I actually didn’t mean to tackle the subject online this week. I planned to think through her questions in my personal journal and leave it at that. Then on a particularly stressful day at work, I decided to go out on my lunch break rather than do my typical workout.


As I sat in the table, eating one of my favorite lunches, I started to feel conspicuous about being at the table alone. Restaurants alone use to make me uncomfortable, but I thought I had gotten over that issue. Rather, I have a problem when it looks like I’m not alone by choice.

Pull out my computer, and voila – I’ve made the decision to lunch by myself on purpose.

So here I sit, writing a post about loneliness so that the other people here at the restaurant don’t think I’m lonely.