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Joining the Five Minute Friday free writing link-up. The prompt is DEEP, and as seems to be a trend with me, I’m finding life metaphors in exercise and physical activity.

I didn’t go deep enough.

I looked at resource after resource online I couldn’t find one supporting the squat positioning I had been using. Everything I read agreed – if you can’t get your squat to go below parallel, then you need to deload and squat a lower weight.

Only I was already doing the lowest weight possible – the 45 pound bar. To do less would mean using a dumbell for goblet squats and working my way up. Progress that way would come slower. Everyone knows slower is lame and undesirable.

But I couldn’t find anyone – save the book I had read – which said that the squat I was doing is okay.

Speaking of deep. This isn’t just about a workout.

How many times have I not done the work properly because I didn’t want to go back to basics?

Breathing exercises for anxiety immediately come to mind. I mean how basic is breathing? Yet I have to think about how I’m doing it.


Asthma and anxiety is a delightful combination

But it works. Done properly, I can feel an incredible difference. There is nothing exciting about square breathing – count to 4 as I breath in, hold for 4, breathe out for 4 counts, hold for 4, then start the process over.

Kinda like how lame I feel about quads so weak I can’t hit the full range of motion on one of the most basic weight lifting moves.


Not only are my 5 minutes up, but its also time to stop criticizing the self-improvement work I’m doing. Progression is a good goal, but I’ll never get where I need to be if I keep judging where I am.