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Enthusiasm about goal setting can be contagious at the beginning of the year. We start off with dreams and high expectations about what we can get accomplished in the 12 months to come. To be trendy, we’ve stopped calling them “resolutions,” since nobody keeps those. Instead, we use terms like “goals” or “objectives.”

Some of us take the “word of the year” approach. Whether divinely gifted, or something we choose, the idea is that the word encompasses all of our resolutions, goals, and objectives concisely. We hold tight to our words, hoping that they will help guide our coming year.

Last year, I chose the word “flourish.” My 40th birthday loomed over me and I wanted to focus my attention on the fun adventures ahead. I’ve written both here and at The Glorious Table about some plot twists 2020 had in store for Camp Fradd. Yet looking back at the year, I couldn’t help but notice a theme of adventures that helped us thrive.

With the Grand Tetons hazy in the background, I’m all smiles and thumbs up during our Forks of Cascade Canyon 10 mile hike during last September’s #CampFraddTravelingTetonTour

This year, I’ve chosen perspective. The difficulties of 2020, both personally and globally, haven’t evaporated. We still live in a pandemic, making everyone’s load heavier. I can, however, choose to call out the good when I see it.

An informal goal I’ve had for quite some time is daily writing in my gratitude journal. The earliest reference to when I started is from this post written in the spring of 2013 when I was well on my way. My enthusiasm for adding to the list ebbs and flows, but I press on. No doubt my 1,000(+) Gifts journal helps reframe my perspective when I become disheartened.

I’ve set a few more 2021 specific goals, and I hope to write about them as I progress in this #Write28Days challenge. Check out this post for links to all the posts in one location.